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MOSCOT Originals’ Spring Collection is Steeped in History

Last night, MOSCOT introduced seven new styles at the Mark Miller Gallery in Manhattan’s Lower East Side. Always known for classic, timeless eyewear and sunwear, they introduced the frames amidst a photograph exhibit which artistically depicts the frames in their hometown NY element. Guests were treated to music from a vintage DJ who spun vinyl records while drinks inspired by the eyewear were enjoyed.

What can you expect from this collection? Details include rim-inspired eyewires, intricate filigree, and metals that make a statement along with bold acetate styles as well.

Afraid to rock round frames because they remind you too much of Harry Potter? Worry not! These shades are way more hip than that.

Visit for more info on the Bella, Dov, Eisen, Jacob, Kleyn, Mazel, and Zev styles from the Spring 2013 MOSCOT Originals Collection.

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